Friday Feb 03, 2023




  • This book is a very useful guide to travel through Sweden, helping you discover one of the most beautiful islands of Europe.
  • Start your reading experience by finding out the essential reasons why you should consider choosing Sweden for your next holiday.


Far up in the northern parts of Europe, most of the world only knows Sweden as a cold and snowy place, the home of IKEA and soured herring. In this book you’ll get to see the true side of Sweden, a side where the majestic northern lights mix with pulsating metropolises, where snowy mountains and warm beaches provide everything you could possibly wish for when you travel.

This guide will guide you through a country as diverse as beautiful; where to sleep, the best restaurants and those little tips and recommendations which can turn a regular vacation into something completely magical. You’ll be helped through how to use the local traffic (not very complicated) and what you need to do if you want to get into the best nightclubs (slightly more complicated).

Divided into practical chapters and subchapters depending on where in Sweden you’re going, this book makes sure you are completely prepared before setting sail for Sweden, as well as recommending things no other travel guide would even know of.

Want to know what Siljan is, and why driving around it is simply a must to those who want to experience Swedish culture? Do you feel in the mood for extravagant ice cream, or maybe you want to know the story of how the islands Gotland and Öland came to be? Just open the book and lose yourself in this wonderful country up in the north!


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