Friday Feb 03, 2023




  • This very useful guide will help you discover one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.
  • Find out the essential reasons why you should consider choosing Reykjavik for your next holiday: the great cultural heritage, the unique stone buildings and the incredible cultural events.


You will be provided with essential information on how to travel to Reykjavik on a budget and how to actually save money on your trip while enjoying yourself to the fullest.

You will get information on the travel basics, such as the methods of transportation you can use in order to arrive to Reykjavik and the details on the public transportation system in Reykjavik. You will find out for example, that the bus is the most used method of transportation, by tourists and residents alike.

You will find ten of the best hotels and restaurants in Reykjavik, a lot of which provide you with the opportunity to taste authentic Icelandic cuisine, with the traditional Nordic taste. Imagine sampling local dishes that are made with fresh and locally-grown ingredients.

If you like cultural events, you will surely adore the cultural opportunities that the Reykjavik has to offer. You will find the rich calendar of cultural events presented in detail in this guide.


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