Friday Feb 03, 2023

League of Legends’ Jinx is coming to Fortnite to promote a Netflix show

One of the biggest games in the world is getting a character from one of the other biggest games in the world. League of Legends’ Jinx, a star of the upcoming Netflix series Arcane, is the latest gaming character to join Fortnite.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, and over the past several months, developer Epic Games has added a lot of gaming superstars, including God of War’s Kratos, Halo’s Master Chief, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy, and even four characters from Street Fighter. Jinx arrives in Fortnite just two days ahead of the November 6th premiere of Arcane, which League of Legends developer Riot Games is promoting with a multi-stage marketing tidal wave. The studio is adding Arcane-themed content across its games, and Fortnite isn’t the only cross-studio collaboration; the hugely successful PUBG Mobile will be getting “Arcane-inspired weapons and gear, characters, and map locations” in mid-November.


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