My boyfriend was nice at first, but I feared he would kill me on Christmas Day’


A young woman who was held against her will and assaulted by her abusive partner has spoken of the horrific experience which led to her being subject to a large-scale police hunt.

Chloe Fewster was whisked away from her family home in Hull by her controlling boyfriend on Christmas day last year and taken to an address in Scunthorpe.

She was kept here for three weeks, until she managed to escape him.

As her ex-partner was locked up this week for assaulting her, Chloe, 20, has spoken out to warn other women about her abusive ex, who she thought would end up killing her.

Chloe said her partner, Allan MacGilvray, hit her with a meat cleaver and smashed up her phone to keep her from contacting loved ones.

“I went through three weeks of constant daily physical abuse, I was scared like I had never been scared before,” she told Hull Live . “At times I thought he was going to kill me.”

She got together with MacGilvray in November 2020, around the time he was accused of raping and attacking another woman, which she didn’t know about at the time. He has since been cleared of rape, but convicted of assault.

Over Christmas 2020, Chloe was at her mum’s house when MacGilvray, 25, turned up and dragged her out of the shower when she didn’t answer her phone to him, before taking her against her will to an address in Scunthorpe.

The pair were homeless and sleeping between various houses belonging to his friends, before seeking help from a homeless organisation, Nomad. But he made her leave after they asked “too many personal questions” and he was worried he was going to get reported to the police, who were looking for him for the rape charge, and Chloe, after she was reported missing.

In that time he regularly beat Chloe, including inflicting cuts on her head, face and ears with a meat cleaver.

Meanwhile her desperate family were putting out appeals for information on social media about her and fearing she was dead.

Chloe was eventually found by police in Lincoln city centre, black and blue, after the drug Spice had left MacGilvray unable to walk and she fled from him.

She had used her card which led police straight to her. But terrified Chloe wouldn’t return home until MacGilvray was found and arrested a few days later.

She said: “Police finally found me in Lincoln, black and blue, with marks in my head from a meat cleaver. I’d had a knife dug in my ribs and held to my throat. He put a pillow over my face and strangled me from behind like a choke-hold and made me pass out. There’s so much more that he did to me, as well as smashing up my stuff.

“He smashed up my phone so I couldn’t call anyone. I couldn’t even go to the toilet on my own, he didn’t trust me to do that without being paranoid that I was going to make an escape. He smashed up my make-up because I was taking ages to put it on, as he forced me to wear make-up every day to cover up the black eyes he gave me.

“When I was missing he was on my social media pretending to be me, making me send a photo to friends and family to show I was ‘fine’. The phone I was using was a woman’s who he knew as he’d smashed mine already.”

MacGilvray has since been jailed for three years at Bradford Crown Court, after being convicted of assaulting a woman causing actual bodily harm, between November 15 and 17 last year, in relation to the other victim. He was cleared by the jury at Hull Crown Court of raping her.

He admitted causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage in relation to Chloe’s ordeal. The sentence relating to Chloe’s treatment by him amounted to just one year.

Chloe, who is currently unable to work due to the trauma she’s suffered, said she feels “angry” and doesn’t think that justice has been served.

She feels depressed and isolated, and says she has developed trust issues as result of how she was treated.

“He got one year for me because he pleaded guilty. After everything that I went through, getting brayed every day and wondering if he’s going to end up killing me as things were getting worse every day, what was even the point? This isn’t justice at all,” she said.

Chloe is now trying to rebuild her life now, and said she doesn’t want it to be overshadowed by what he did. But she says she wants other women to know what MacGilvray is like and what he is capable of.

Chloe’s mum, Kerry McDougall said she would like to thank the police for getting her daughter back to her and wants to warn others about his vile actions.

She said: “When Chloe was missing I had messages off other women, it must have been four or five women who had been previous victims of Allan MacGilvray. They were reaching out warning me about this man’s history, and their stories were horrendous.

“I started to worry that he may go too far this time and it will be my daughter he ends up killing. I couldn’t get my head round how he was still able to walk the streets.

“I had three weeks of constant worry and wondering what was happening to her, not knowing if she was still in Hull or not. I knew something was seriously wrong.

“When the police found her she was in Lincoln, she had black eyes, bruised ears, and face, and cuts in her head where he had hit her with a meat cleaver. She was still very scared and wouldn’t come home until she knew he had been put on remand.

“Twelve months in prison for keeping someone against their will and physically abusing them everyday for three weeks is shocking. Especially with his long list of previous convictions for similar offences.”

Recorder Ben Nolan QC, who jailed him this week, branded MacGilvray a “highly unpredictable, volatile, controlling and dangerous man.”